Celebrities with cancer are there any celebrities with cancer? Do the rich and famous really get cancer? Cancer does not discriminate. Many famous people have been diagnosed with cancer. Here is a list of some of them. The following list is a compilation of those famous people and celebrities with cancer. Some had cancers or some may still be suffering from cancers. viagra online buy cheap viagra where is the cheapest place to buy viagra buy viagra viagra for sale buy viagra buy generic viagra http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-secure-canadian-pharmacy-online-cheap-viagra-iq/ generic viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription Some have even died from their cancers. It is by no means belittling them but on the contrary, i wish to salute their bravery to fight against such a dreadful disease. Also, by means of understanding that cancer does not have prejudice and can hit at the famous or rich as well as the common populace, we will then have a different stance and the courage to overcome it more positively. We salute and honor these celebrities with cancer. Politicians (or spouses) - celebrities with cancer (if you know of other politicians or spouses that i should insert, send me a photo and a simple writeup. ) politicians (or spouses) name - position - type of cancer tony snow - us white house press secretary - colon cancer john kerry - us senator - prostate cancer julia thorne - 1st wife of john kerry - bladder cancer teresa heinz - 2nd wife of john kerry - breast cancer chris dodd - us senator - prostate cancer elizabeth edwards - wife of us senator john edwards - breast cancer gen. Colin powell - us secretary of state - prostate cancer nelson mandela - president of south africa - prostate cancer endon mahmood - wife of malaysia's prime minister abdullah badawi - breast cancer ronald reagan - us president - skin and colon cancer nancy reagan, wife of ronald reagan - breast cancer maureen reagan - daughter of ronald reagan - skin cancer dwight eisenhower - us president - skin cancer george bush sr - us president - skin cancer john mccain - us senator - skin cancer emperor akihito - emperor of japan - prostate cancer rudy giuliani - new york mayor - prostate cancer francois mitterand - president of france - prostate cancer princess michael of kent - british royalty - skin cancer debbie shultz - us congresswoman - breast cancer william rehnquist - us supreme court judge - throat cancer ruth bader ginsburg - us supreme court judge - pancreatic cancer betty ford, wife of us president gerald ford - breast cancer eva peron - wife of argentina president juan peron - cervical cancer corazon aquino - philippine president - colon cancer ivica racan - croatian prime minister - kidney cancer king hussein - jordanian king - lymphoma jacqueline kennedy onassis - wife of us president john kennedy - non-hodgkin's lymphoma zhou en lai - 1st premier of people's republic of china - bladder cancer ted kennedy - us senator - brain cancer film stars, media stars, singers - celebrities with cancer (if you know of other film or media stars, or entertainers that i should insert, send me a photo and a simple writeup. ) film stars, media stars, singers name - starred in - type o.

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