Benign essential blepharospasm research foundation (bebrf) home   blepharospasm   related disorders   treatments   patient support   the bebrf   faq   blepharospasmresearch   site search  information in other languages   what's new   contact us   help fund bebrf   bebrf on-line store   on-line resources   medical information   dystonia advocacy   blepharospasm bulletin board  medical terminology used in articles on blepharospasm acetylcholinesterase enzyme produced naturally in the body to break down the production of acetylcholine - a chemical that promotes messages going from nerve endings to other nerve endings apraxia of eyelid difficulty in opening the eyes in the absence of spasms aqueous watery atrophy wasting away [in the case of blepharospasm - muscle fibers may become progressively weaker due to treatments] axonal sprouts beginning growth from nerve extensions buccolingual pertaining to the cheek or tongue chemodenervation botulinum toxin injections cranial pertaining to the skull (head) doxorubicin injections chemomyectomy (experimental, permanent treatment) dyskinesias abnormal involuntary movements dystonia involuntary, uncontrollable muscular contractions or movements edema body tissues contain an excessive amount of fluid endocytotic toxic substance within a cell epiphora abnormal overflow of tears down the cheek etiology cause (study or theory of the cause of any disease) exocytotic toxins released from cells hematoma swelling filled with blood hypertrophy increase in size, frequently due to over activity idiopathic of unknown cause keratitis inflammation of the cornea (outside coat) of the eyeball lacrimal gland gland producing tears lagophthalmos incomplete closure of the eyelids levator aponeurosis tendon that pulls the eyelid up levator palpebrae main muscle responsible for eyelid opening levodopa an anti-parkinsonian medication medial aspect area of the brain towards the center neuroimaging images of the nervous system, especially the brain neuromuscular junctions pertaining to where the nerve passes the impulse to the muscle orbicularis muscle muscle circling the orbit of the eye orbicularis oculi muscle encircling the opening or orbit of the eye oromandibular (omd) pertaining to the mouth and lower jaw path. viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra discount pharmacy viagra cheap viagra buy viagra cheap viagra viagra for sale
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